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Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Lexie Masterson: Founder - Clairvoyant Beauty

Lexie Masterson

Founder - Clairvoyant Beauty

The Inspiration for Clairvoyant Beauty

My paternal grandmother, Josephine Yeager Smith Masterson, whom I affectionately called Gogo, was a real Southern Lady. She was fierce and ladylike, brave and vulnerable, and unrelentingly funny with mischievous, twinkly blue eyes. Born in 1911, she was a Texas girl who grew up in the Hollywood Hills where she acted in local theater companies until her family moved back to Angleton, on the southeast coast of Texas where she met and married my grandfather, Carlos Bee Masterson, a mild-mannered attorney who defended minorities and has always been described to me as a real-life Atticus Finch with a great sense of humor.

Gogo survived polio in 1939 while pregnant with my Aunt Mary Stuart; my father was five at the time. It took a long time, but with characteristic determination, she walked again.

I never knew my grandfather. Gogo was widowed at the age of 42. After the death of her husband she moved to Houston where she was one of the first presidents of The Contemporary Arts Museum. In the 1970s her interest in the arts was one of many reasons that she was drawn to move to the beautiful and cultured town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in the Sierra Madres.

At that time, getting to San Miguel was not easy and neither was getting around, for my grandmother, but she ignored all that. If she wanted to do something, she did it. She would drive from Houston to Mexico, bribing the border guards to let her bring in turkeys and face powder and all sorts of things that she couldn’t get down there at the time. It wasn’t real safe on the roads back then.

She built a house and moved there permanently. She was an enthusiastic hostess and loved giving parties and going to parties. She was friends with all kinds of people and lots of artists.

I spent a lot of time with her as I grew up, mostly in the summer at her house on Galveston Bay. There, she taught me how to take care of my skin, advice I completely ignored as far as staying out of the sun was concerned. She had gorgeous skin. She taught me how to make natural skin care remedies out of fruits, vegetables, oats, yogurt and honey. We made rosewater and lavender water and cucumber water.

Those times were some of the best days of my life. We were very close and developed an almost psychic connection that persisted until the day she died at age 96. I moved to Mexico for the last two years of her life, to be with her, which was such a gift.

I never heard her complain once. She faced every day with a smile and a joke even after all she’d been through. That’s courage I aspire to. She was intensely loyal, and no matter what I faced in my life, she always supported me. She taught me how to face challenges and enjoy the present moment. I miss her but I dream of her often, and I will forever be grateful to her.


Clairvoyant Beauty Founder

Lexie Masterson, Founder and Principal owner of Clairvoyant Beauty LLC, is a former actress, Rice University graduate, and Art Historian, who has always had an obsession with skin care. When she was a young girl, she spent hours in the kitchen down in Texas, with her beloved grandmother, Josephine (aka 'Gogo'), creating natural skin treatments out of herbs, fruits, flowers, and vegetables - all organic and fresh from the farmers' market.

Lexie took this wisdom with her when she moved to an organic farm in the Hudson River Valley in Upstate New York where she found space to reinvent herself, even learning to fly and becoming a private pilot! Living the healthy, environmentally conscious lifestyle up in the country inspired her to revisit, improve upon, and create new skin care treatments, with the spirit of Gogo always near, and guiding her.

The name Clairvoyant Beauty came to her in a flash, in the back of a taxi on Park and 57th St. in New York City. She and her grandmother were always very psychically connected. The name seemed to fit. Lexie hopes women will tune in and be clairvoyant - to see beyond the range of ordinary perception (which is the definition of clairvoyance) when thinking about their lives; to realize that each woman is uniquely beautiful on this Earth, and to celebrate and nurture that Beauty, naturally....